Berlin-Brandenburg 2011


The Kite-Team-Austria rushed to Potsdam over the weekend (17th-18th Sept.) to attend the Berlin-Brandenburg kitefestival 2011, like the ‘Running Bears’ in our dedicated Rokkaku project.


Organized by Michael Steltzer for the 23rd time, kiteflyers from Germany, Sweden, Hungary, France and Austria came to spend a wonderful weekend near the German capital of Berlin. With France being in the limelight, the visitors got to experience live music by FanfarFelue, delightful Revolution demonstrations by the Crazy Drivers Rev Team (Damien & Fabrice) and kiteflyers from Dieppe.


Having arrived at the Volkspark, we started to paint the sky. Our first joice of weapons were two of our Kraken, accompanied by two Bears, lifted by the brand new 12 m² KAP-Foil, being finished just the night before. As the winds were quite light, we had no problems handling the large lifter-kite.


As the time passed, the wind died away and most of the kites were grounded. So we nailed our 7 bears to the field and attached them to the ‘Dudelsack’ (bagpipe), a system of tubes to distribute the air from a large blower used for bouncy castles. As always, this turned out as quite an attraction for the kids, with hundreds of photos taken. Even a camera team showed up to interview our team members and virtually take a look inside the bears, a view you normally won’t get.


A kite-festival is more than just flying kites, it’s about meeting good old friends and making new ones.
These kites are by Rainer Hoffmann from Germany, a man full of inpiration, having designed an endless number of kites and WindArt, as he calls it.

Summing up, our team likes to thank the organizing team with all the unseen work, that has to be done to get a festival running as smooth as this one.
We especially pay tribute to Team Elbwind. The members of this team did a great job in delighting the crowd with an endless firework (actually) of performances. They also had valuable information about hot-air balloons, which will aid us in one of our on-going projects …

We’re looking forward for the Berlin-Brandenburg festival 2012, hoping to be part of it, once again.