One Sky – One World 2011

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This year, following an old tradition, the Austrian kiteflyers met in Tulln (Lower Austria), the hotspot of the national sugar production, to take their kites to the sky, to clearly state:
We live in one world – under one sky.

Altough the weather gods grumbled in the beginning, the afternoon brought us a wonderful blue/cloudy sky and enough wind to let our kites carry the message ‘one sky one world’ out to the people. This annual kite event takes place wherever kiteflyers come together on the second sunday in October, this year for the 26th time. @ one sky one world
Our team organized a workshop, held by our ever-supporting sedulous girls, that made lots of children smile. After painting the Tyvek sleds, the kids immediately took them to the sky. @ one sky one world
We’re looking out for next years One Sky One World, hoping to share the sky with you.