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Our team will provide information about topics like workshops held, kite festivals visited/organized or projects being worked on, to let you take part in our creative journey through the sky. Check our site regularly to stay up-to-date.

Black Sea Kite Festival 2012

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For the first time a kite festival took place in Romania. Kite-Team-Austria followed the invitation to join in and paint the sky at the Black Sea Kite Festival/Mamaia Beach. The public event was organized by AMA (Arts Management Association), a cultural, non-governmental, nonprofit association – a young and dedicated team, focused on creating opportunities and bridges in a cultural environment.

Kitefliers from Austria, Bali, Denmark, Germany, Great Britan and the Netherlands spent 5 days at the Black Sea to show their creations to the visitors, directly at the shore of the Black Sea. @ Black Sea Kite Festival 2012
We had the chance to present the combined Eddy-Arch (40 Austrian flags) from our public workshop together with Rolf Stohanzls arch, presenting the Romanian flag, the BSKF-Logo, the bordering states of the Black Sea and of all participating countries (all in all 64 Eddy kites). Team Bali used its AirBanner to express their joy of taking part in the event. @ Black Sea Kite Festival 2012
The range of kites reached from the big inflatble ones … @ Black Sea Kite Festival 2012 @ Black Sea Kite Festival 2012
… to the smaller sticked ones, which are by no means less impressive. @ Black Sea Kite Festival 2012 @ Black Sea Kite Festival 2012 @ Black Sea Kite Festival 2012
The hospitality was magnificent, as well as the food served by several of the part taking countries. The last day of the festival ended with a great barbecue, accompanied by a local trio of musicians, inspiring the kitefliers and the organizing team to sing and dance together.
Our thanks go out to the AMA-team and their volunteers for a perfectly managed event at a marvelous location.
Kite-Team-Austria will for sure fly their kites and flag on this beach in 2013. See you there! @ Black Sea Kite Festival 2012

Workshop Eddy Arch

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Our first official Kite-Team-Austria workshop took place at Biedermannsdorf on the 17. March 2012.
8 participants joined in to build an Eddy Arch in the colors of the Austrian flag – red-white-red. - Eddy Arch Workshop

Earlier in the year the team met to develop a prototyp and testfly it. - Eddy Arch Workshop

The following requirements had to be fulfilled by the kite arch:

  • can be built in one day by medium experienced kite makers
  • can be flown solo or in combination with other arches from the workshop
  • shows the Austrian colors

The result:
10 Eddy kites in an arch, each 80 cm high and wide, 3 tails, each 250 cm long (2,5 cm wide), distance between the kites: 80 cm, 6 mm hybrid rods, Chikara as sail material.
At each end of the arch 40 cm lines with a knot/loop to allow it to be attached to the next arch or a 5 to 10 m flying line for the solo flight.

The next morning the arch had its maidenflight right out of the cars trunk. Strong and gusty winds couldn’t prevent the arch from performing exceptional well. Even with only 10 kites in the arch it flew stable, even in light winds, as further testing showed. - Eddy Arch Workshop - Eddy Arch Workshop
At the day of the workshop, car loads of material were shipped to the Jubiläumshalle in Biedermannsdorf. And it can clearly be seen, that we primarily work with Pfaff ;-) - Eddy Arch Workshop

To speed things up in the workshop, all sails, rods, tails and lines were perpared, so we could provide each participant with a full fletched kit to start with. - Eddy Arch Workshop - Eddy Arch Workshop

In the end, 8 arches were done in the workshop, all of them flying properly. During the first festival in the season, we managed to fly 80 Eddy kites in an arch, quite impressive, as the overall sail area was over 25 sqm. - Eddy Arch Workshop

Download the plan as pdf or dwg.

Pasir Gudang 2012 – The Festival

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After a week of sight seeing and lots of plentyful meals, we headed further south to Pasir Gudang, to take part in the 17th Pasir Gudang World Kite Festival. All the kiteflyers stay in the same hotel, making the community stronger. Meals are taken together and pool partys take place almost every day. @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012
In the first night we had the chance to visit the preparations for the local kite competition. All kites to take part in the event have to be meassured and approved by the judges. Malay kites are made from paper, showing traditional pattern. A vast amount of work has to be invested into these kites and it pays off. @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012
The richness in details achieved by the paper layering technique is simply incredible. This is not just kite making, it is a really seriously taken art form. @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012
The next day we were out on the field and had 3 new kites have their successful maiden flights. @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012 @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012
Winds were low, so we had time to join the meetings of the ‘International kitefliers Teh Tarik Group’ and get our share of teh tarik. Teh tarik is comprised of black tea, sugar and condensed milk, poured from cup to cup, to get a frothy consistence. The orders for 14 to 16 cups a time overcharged the kitchen crew a little bit. But they got faster each time we came around. @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012
Besides the low to no wind we had diluvian showers, flooding the field within minutes. A tropical thunderstorm raged through the pavillions, wreaking havoc all over the place. Luckily no-one was seriously injured. Lightning stroke literally meters away from us. @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012
As a result most of the big inflatable kites were soaking wet and had to be hung out to dry on the surrounding fences for several hours. It looked more like a Laundry Festival than a Kite Festival. @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012
The wet floor forced the kitefliers to place their bags and packs on chairs, to prevent them from getting soaked, leaving only a few to sit on. This resulted in several cases of chair-snatching. @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012
One evening we started an indoor flying session in a nearby shopping mall, to the amazement of the security guards and shop owners. Mark Reed from Prism Kite Technology brought along some pre-production kites of the new Prism Zero-G, designed by Ceewan for testing. And testing we did, until one of the kites was snared by a LED chandalier. The Zero-G is a single line glider, with superb steering capabilities. This kite combines the creativity of Ceewan with the superior craftsmanship and experience of Prism Kites. We will get one as soon as they are avaiable. @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012 @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012
On our way back to Kuala Lumpur we stopped by at the beach at Bagan Lalang for some relaxed kiteflying with our Malayan friends Danny and Kris. @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012 @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012
The next day we left for home, the bags full of kites and stories to tell. Again we met lots of old and new friends, saw a bit of Malaysia and had a wonderful trip.
Thanks to all you guys, for taking us around, giving us shelter and showing so much hospitality.

Pasir Gudang 2012 – Getting there

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Once again our team took a trip to Malaysia, this time with destination Pasir Gudang. But first we had some days to get accustomed to the tropical climate during our stay in Shah Alam, taking day trips to the Street of Malacca and Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to Chang and Joyce for their hospitality!
Visiting KL without passing by the Petronas Towers is almost impossible. They reach 452 m into the Malay sky. It is accompanied by the 412 m high Kuala Lumpur Tower. @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012 @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012
Concrete, glass and steel are just one part of KL, still there are some silent and traditional places to be found, like an old taoist temple near Central Market. The intense smoke from the incense sticks makes your eyes water. @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012
As kiteflyers we had quite a shopping list brought along. At a wholesaler for shoe makers, which we knew from our last visit, we got us several thousand meters of thick, waxed thread. Next stop was a small shop dedicated to decoration, where special scissors for cutting out appliques can be found. And las but not least, we stopped by Danny’s kiteshop Windancer. @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012
A thing you have to get used to are the different eating habits, 3 meals a day won’t do it, it’s more like 6 to 7 times you stop by to have a snack (which can be quite substantial). The best Wan Tan Mee in KL can be found, and you have to find this shop, as it is well hidden, on the Chinese Market. @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012
On an island in the Streets of Malacca, we had delicious sea food, in midst of a small fishing village. @ Pasir Gudang Kite Festival 2012
Now it was about time to move on to Pasir Gudang, to join the 17th Pasir Gudang World Kite Festival. Follow us in the second part of our travel.

One Sky – One World 2011

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This year, following an old tradition, the Austrian kiteflyers met in Tulln (Lower Austria), the hotspot of the national sugar production, to take their kites to the sky, to clearly state:
We live in one world – under one sky.

Altough the weather gods grumbled in the beginning, the afternoon brought us a wonderful blue/cloudy sky and enough wind to let our kites carry the message ‘one sky one world’ out to the people. This annual kite event takes place wherever kiteflyers come together on the second sunday in October, this year for the 26th time. @ one sky one world
Our team organized a workshop, held by our ever-supporting sedulous girls, that made lots of children smile. After painting the Tyvek sleds, the kids immediately took them to the sky. @ one sky one world
We’re looking out for next years One Sky One World, hoping to share the sky with you.

Berlin-Brandenburg 2011

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The Kite-Team-Austria rushed to Potsdam over the weekend (17th-18th Sept.) to attend the Berlin-Brandenburg kitefestival 2011, like the ‘Running Bears’ in our dedicated Rokkaku project.


Organized by Michael Steltzer for the 23rd time, kiteflyers from Germany, Sweden, Hungary, France and Austria came to spend a wonderful weekend near the German capital of Berlin. With France being in the limelight, the visitors got to experience live music by FanfarFelue, delightful Revolution demonstrations by the Crazy Drivers Rev Team (Damien & Fabrice) and kiteflyers from Dieppe.


Having arrived at the Volkspark, we started to paint the sky. Our first joice of weapons were two of our Kraken, accompanied by two Bears, lifted by the brand new 12 m² KAP-Foil, being finished just the night before. As the winds were quite light, we had no problems handling the large lifter-kite.


As the time passed, the wind died away and most of the kites were grounded. So we nailed our 7 bears to the field and attached them to the ‘Dudelsack’ (bagpipe), a system of tubes to distribute the air from a large blower used for bouncy castles. As always, this turned out as quite an attraction for the kids, with hundreds of photos taken. Even a camera team showed up to interview our team members and virtually take a look inside the bears, a view you normally won’t get.


A kite-festival is more than just flying kites, it’s about meeting good old friends and making new ones.
These kites are by Rainer Hoffmann from Germany, a man full of inpiration, having designed an endless number of kites and WindArt, as he calls it.

Summing up, our team likes to thank the organizing team with all the unseen work, that has to be done to get a festival running as smooth as this one.
We especially pay tribute to Team Elbwind. The members of this team did a great job in delighting the crowd with an endless firework (actually) of performances. They also had valuable information about hot-air balloons, which will aid us in one of our on-going projects …

We’re looking forward for the Berlin-Brandenburg festival 2012, hoping to be part of it, once again.

Kite Team Austria goes online

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Just days after the official constitution, of what has been our goal for a long time, the Kite Team Austria homepage goes online.
On one hand, this page will provide information about the team, its members and activities – being something like a businesscard and journal or weblog.
On the other hand it will be a platform for the team to present the kites and objects designed and created over the years – being something like a gallery or catalog.
Last but not least it provides the reader a way to contact the team.