The Team

meet our teamKite Team Austria consists of three passionate kitemakers and -flyers.
It’s a loose formation of kitedesigners and pilots, focused on promoting the ancient art of kitemaking, advancing their building skills and bringing joy to spectators by painting the sky. The awarness, that we all live under one sky, in one world, connects us to many other kiteflyer around our planet.

The Teams Vision

Their individual creativity and craftsmanship enables the team members to develop, create and build exceptional kites. This aptitudes and talents pooled in a team provide an environment predestinated to profit from each others skills. The designers are eager to share their knowledge and craftsmanship with anybody interested in kitemaking. Progression towards excellence is the major focus.


The Team Members

Arno Gradwohl

name: Arno Gradwohl
speciality: original designs
favorite kite: box kites
quote: “As long as it sticks to Phi, it’s gonna fly.”
contact: contact us


See examples of Arno's work

Reini Schuster

name: Reinhold Schuster
speciality: Cody warkite, softkites
favorite kite: Cody warkite
quote: “Make it twice the size.”
contact: contact us


See examples of Reinhold's work

Christian Novotny

name: Christian Novotny
speciality: softkites
favorite kite: Revolution, softkites
quote: “Measure twice, cut once.”
contact: contact us


See some examples of Christian's work



The Teams Activities


Kite Design and Building

Primarily our team members are engaged in designing and building kites. This creative process involves several steps, of which some iterate until the result is satisfying – to wit: the kite is flying properly.

  • finding inspiration
  • choosing kite type and building technique
  • creating a concept
  • building a prototype
  • testing on the flying field
  • reworking the model
  • building the final version
  • writing documentation/plan

The authoring of a plan is often neglected (after all the main thing is to get the kite up in the air), but in case of a workshop being planned, indespensible.

Kite Festivals

As part of our work, we attend and organize national and international kite festivals. Kites are not built to be kept in a bag or cellar, they are made to soar through the skies. And at best, together with other kite enthusiasts. Meetings are always a good soil for inspiration and making fríends.


In workshops we teach people interested, from novice to advanced, in the various techniques of this ancient art. From bamboo and Washi-paper to carbonfiber and high-tech fabrics. Our goal is to have all partitioners finish their kites by the end of the day, ready to fly. Built only halfway, they would end up in a plastic bag, never to see the open sky – neither satisfying for the alumnus nor for the instructor. More complex workpieces, like big inflatable objects, can take several days, with homework to be done in between the meetings.

Exhibitions and Demonstrations

We also present our kites in public exhibitions and demonstrate what can be done with these aerial objects. Visitors are invited to ask questions, take part and give it a try. If you ever wondered how hard a 20 meter kite can pull – grab the line!

If you are intereseted in having us as guests at a festival, organizing a workshop or demontrating our work, contact our team.