Workshop Eddy Arch


Our first official Kite-Team-Austria workshop took place at Biedermannsdorf on the 17. March 2012.
8 participants joined in to build an Eddy Arch in the colors of the Austrian flag – red-white-red. - Eddy Arch Workshop

Earlier in the year the team met to develop a prototyp and testfly it. - Eddy Arch Workshop

The following requirements had to be fulfilled by the kite arch:

  • can be built in one day by medium experienced kite makers
  • can be flown solo or in combination with other arches from the workshop
  • shows the Austrian colors

The result:
10 Eddy kites in an arch, each 80 cm high and wide, 3 tails, each 250 cm long (2,5 cm wide), distance between the kites: 80 cm, 6 mm hybrid rods, Chikara as sail material.
At each end of the arch 40 cm lines with a knot/loop to allow it to be attached to the next arch or a 5 to 10 m flying line for the solo flight.

The next morning the arch had its maidenflight right out of the cars trunk. Strong and gusty winds couldn’t prevent the arch from performing exceptional well. Even with only 10 kites in the arch it flew stable, even in light winds, as further testing showed. - Eddy Arch Workshop - Eddy Arch Workshop
At the day of the workshop, car loads of material were shipped to the Jubiläumshalle in Biedermannsdorf. And it can clearly be seen, that we primarily work with Pfaff ;-) - Eddy Arch Workshop

To speed things up in the workshop, all sails, rods, tails and lines were perpared, so we could provide each participant with a full fletched kit to start with. - Eddy Arch Workshop - Eddy Arch Workshop

In the end, 8 arches were done in the workshop, all of them flying properly. During the first festival in the season, we managed to fly 80 Eddy kites in an arch, quite impressive, as the overall sail area was over 25 sqm. - Eddy Arch Workshop

Download the plan as pdf or dwg.